Friday, October 5, 2007

Boomers Real Estate-Seniors Real Estate Specialist

Welcome to my new blog for Boomers, Seniors and those who care about and care for parents, grandparents and older relatives.

I am a Seniors Real Estate Specialist as a Broker Associate with Keller Williams Realty in Tallahassee, Florida. The issues of real estate are different for older adults than for the first time homebuyer or those with growing families or moving up in careers.

Seniors consider moving usually for one or a combination of three reasons: dwindling wealth, failing health or to be closer to family. Figuring out what to do and/or how to make a move that best satisfies the desires of the senior yet also considers family members is best done prior to a crisis occurring. Knowing the options and planning for the future is where I can help the most. Working with the senior and their family members to help understand and recognize these options is my expertise. While I don't claim to know all the answers, I do stay active in the senior community, maintaining professional associations with assisted living facilities, governmental and social service agencies and networking with other professionals in the community such as financial planners, accountants and attorneys.

This blog site is here for you to post your questions about issues relating to seniors considering moving, or wanting to plan a strategy for that possibility. This also includes the families of seniors, who recognize that mom or dad will probably need to make a move sometime in the future and want to understand how best to help.
While moving may and oftentimes is a plan for the older person later in life, sometimes adjusting their living conditions so they may remain in their homes longer is part of the plan. I have the contacts to help seniors in all aspects of this part of their life. You may want to visit my website, to learn of vendors and professionals I use to assist me in serving this population, from movers to Certified Aging in Place specialists.

Thanks for visiting my blog. Look for additional information on upcoming postings.