Monday, June 30, 2008


I've been physically active all my life. Over 30 years ago I started running for my health. I'd quit smoking and knew I needed something to keep me from going back to it, so I took up running. I've added cycling and yoga to my routines to keep in shape.

Things happen though, we get used to our routines, the body adapts. In October of 07 I fell off my bike and cracked my pelvis. I'm back on the bike, back walking, working on my stamina for running and all in all in good shape. Yet, I recognize my balance could be better.

Yoga helps but keeping our balance is as important as keeping our flexibility. Our balance, like so many other things, tends to diminish as we age. Working to improve is a constant. So with any and all of your exercising, make balance exercises a part of your routine too. It may just help you stay on the bike!

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Senior/assisted living housing market

Some of our area senior housing apartments and assisted living are seeing a slow down in occupancy. They tell me 40-50% of their residents come from out of town seniors moving to the area to be closer to family.
Listening to a new director recently, she was asking me how to get more seniors into her complex. I told her the seniors weren't coming because they couldn't sell their homes where they are to be able to move to our area.
No sooner did I convey this information to a couple of marketing personnel with assisted living facilitiles than the speaker at the luncheon we were attending (happened to be Florida's CFO Alex Sink) said the very same thing.
Okay, it just makes sense that this is the case, but it's nice to have those higher up the ladder (as in this case the State ladder) say the very same thing.
The housing market affects everyone, from those first time homebuyers, move up buyers to seniors wanting to shed themselves of their homes and or responsibilities.

Friday, June 20, 2008

Real estate value

With rising gas prices, the higher cost of food, looming increases for taxes, insurance and more, finding value in our transactions and interactions with businesses, professionals and vendors makes good sense.
Using a Realtor is a great way of generating value for your time and money. An experienced Realtor will be able to help a buyer with assistance in finding a lender they can trust, a reputable inspector for that potential new home and look out for your primary concerns. I can't say for all cities, but here in Tallahassee, Realtors access to the Multiple Listing System allows us to send automatic notifications of properties of potential interest to buyers based on the criteria the buyer is looking for, such as bedrooms, baths, square footage, quadrant of the county and more. This alone is a value for the buyer, giving the opportunity to view homes from the internet instead of driving (and wasting gas and $$) to help determine if a house is one they want to see.

From a seller's viewpoint of value, especially in today's market, find out what the Realtor plans to do to sell your home. Over three quarters of buyers are looking on the internet first for a home and then calling a Realtor. A large web presence is essential to getting exposure to buyers. Marketing entails even more so ask what the Realtor plans to do to market your home.
Once a buyer is found for the home, there's much more work (much that goes on behind the scenes) that buyers and sellers are unaware that Realtors are ensuring are taking place to get a sale to closing. From contacting vendors for repair work to talking with lenders and title companies, and often times even more such as coordinating with movers, inspectors, appraisers to ensure everything that needs to happen does, in time for a smooth closing.

Using a Realtor, one of the best values around today!

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Westcott Lakes at Southwood

I lunched today with some of the folks selling the Life Fulfilling Community at Westcott Lakes at Southwood here in Tallahassee, FL. Westcott Lakes offers mature adults, those 62 and over, upscale living with impressive amenitites and a service-oriented "mindset". It is a community sponsored by and fully integrated with Florida State University through affiliations that provide numerous intellectual, recreational and cultural opportunities. It's not a community for the weak of pocketbook though. It's a retirement (they don't like to refer to it by this name), it's a lifestyle community that caters to the affluent. Construction hasn't begun yet as they must have 70% fill committment before the State of Florida will allow construction. It will be located on 100 acres at Capital Circle S.E. and Tram Road.
So if you know any mature individuals looking for a lifestyle that offers the opportunity for truly keeping active in every sense of the word, intellectually, physically, socially, then call me. I'll get the information they need about Westcott Lakes.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Call me by my name

I attended a presentation a few months ago on marketing to the older population. The speaker talked about, among other things, that this population likes to be treated like adults, not singled out for being senior, or the associated jokes that go with the population, like geezer, ancient, and other ageism related terms.

The speaker got me to thinking how I have frequently called other women "Miss Mary, or Miss Jane". What I have always considered a term of respect, and cannot recall having been corrected, and did not do this with all older women, I now can see how it would be considered offensive. I have since stopped doing it period!

I especially recognize it as offensive because I am being called "Miss Angie". Again I know it to be a term for respect and have yet to correct anyone, in fact having been called "Miss Angie" by most individuals I know to be even older than myself. The thing is, it has always been an older adult that I referred to such and having recognized that, being called "Miss Angie" makes me think one looks at me as older.

Since I certainly feel I now relate to this on a more personal level, it is much easier for me to not have to think about not saying "Miss" so and so. It is no longer part of my vocabulary. I've never been one to call an older gentleman "Mr. Bob or Mr. Tom" instead referring to their first name or Mr. with their last name.

Anyway, when you talk to me, I like to be called Angie, not Mrs. Goodman, or Miss Goodman. Just call me Angie.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Hurricane Season

It's time again to enjoy the summer and watch the weather reports for storm activity. Florida was spared 2007 and hopefully 2008 will be the same, with just maybe a little more rain! Here's some tips on preparing for the upcoming hurricane season.

Water: At least 1 gallon per person daily. Stock enough for at least seven days.
Food: Include nonperishable items. Stock enough for at least seven days.
Food preparatory items: A nonelectric can opener, cooking tools and fuel.
Bedding, seasonal clothing and rain gear, and toiletries: Include basic hygiene products, toilet paper and moisture wipes.
Medical supplies: Include a first aid kit and prescription drugs.
Special items needed to care for infants, the elderly or pets.
Flashlights, batteries and a battery-operated radio or television.
Cash: Banks and ATMs may not be open or available for extended periods, so make sure you have sufficient funds at your immediate disposal.
Toys, books and games: You will need to be prepared to keep your children and yourself occupied for an extended period.
Important documents: Include insurance papers, medical records, bank account numbers, birth certificates, Social Security card, etc. Be sure to keep these in a waterproof container.
Sources: American Red Cross,

Stay safe this season.