Thursday, February 21, 2008

Adding names to the deed

Sometimes we wish to add children to the title on the deed to our property. I strongly suggest speaking with a professional before making any of these changes. Talk with a real estate or elder law attorney to help them understand what changes you wish to make and why. They can help determine how this will affect your taxes, homesteading or probate issues. One may think just adding their name to the deed will make it easy for disposing of property after another dies, but that may not be the case. The property may still need to be probated, depending on how title is taken.

So how to take this deed can best be determined by knowing why you wish to do this and what you plan to accomplish, but before you make any changes, talk with a professional. There is an elder law attorney new to Tallahassee. Her name is Amy Mason with Goldberg & Olive at 850-222-4000. She is licensed also in Georgia and Tennessee. Give her a call if you find yourself needing to make some type of deed change or for a real estate attorney, call Matt Mathews at 850-681-9303.

Preserve what is yours by talking to those who know.

Angie Goodman