Friday, March 6, 2009

Update on Tallahassee Real Estate

I've checked the stats for closed homes, townhomes, mobile homes and condos in Leon County for January and February of 2009 and compared them to those for the same period in 2008. While the Florida Association of Realtors says homes sales for the state are up this period as compared to last year, that is not the case, sadly, for Leon County. Our numbers show these sales for this period to be almost half of what they were last year.

I feel this is probably due to concern about the economy and job market, yet there are some buyers out there that just seem do not want to make a decision. Is it because there are too many properties to choose from and they are afraid they'll miss that "perfect" house? Are they just afraid of getting into debt?

Whatever the reason, interest rates are great. Yes mortgage guidelines are strict, but those with good credit can buy. Home prices are also very good and we may not see values like these for decades to come.

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