Wednesday, October 28, 2009

55 Now

Okay, the day has passed. I am now a bonafide senior. Went to #1 Stir Fry, ordered my lunch, asked if they had senior discounts. Nope. Should have gone to Moe's. Guess I'll go tomorrow.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Identity Theft

There's a website out there to help gauge your probability of being a victim of identity theft. It's and it is a free service. You do not have to give your social security number, but it does ask some questions to help determine your likelihood of being a target.

I've checked it. Don't know how accurate it is, but it's worth a try to see if someone could be using, or wanting to use your name.

Who Will You Patronize?

I visited the Kerry Forest Red Elephant and have now confirmed that neither restaurant give senior discounts. I'm told that Another Broken Egg at the Killearn Lakes entrance is giving senior discounts for those 50 and over.

Guess where I'm going for my meals? I wish Broken Egg was open today, but alas they are not open on Monday's. I'll have to go another day this week.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Another strike out for senior discount

Harry's Restaurant downtown in Kelman Plaza doesn't give seniors discounts. Last Wednesday evening celebrating a friend's birthday though was worth it simply because of the fantastic weather, good friends and good food.

Monday, October 5, 2009

3158 Huttersfield Circle

Reduced price on this 3 bed, 2 bath home in Huntington Woods. Sellers have 3 small children and have outgrown this home. Let's make a deal before the $8,000 tax credit is gone! Check out the listing here:

Friday, October 2, 2009

October Already

Unbelievable weather now. Yes, it's October and that's normally a fabulous month in Tallahassee with cooler evenings and warm days. The sky's seems bluer than any other time of year. Okay, maybe I'm a little prejudice since it's my birthday month, or because Halloween is probably my favorite (do I call it holiday?).
Any case, it's busy already. Those first time homebuyers are wanting to make the November deadline, so they are now out in force. I'm getting offers on some of my "affordable" properties and showing my fence sitting buyers properties.
Wonder if that means December will be a down month, normally it starts the incline toward the next year. It will be interesting to see the trends.