Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Senior discounts-right!

I'm not 55 yet, but my brother turned 55 last month. As an early AARP member and an individual involved with the mature population I've seen the discount cards that some restaurants give, some retailers touting the Tuesday 5% discount to those over 55 and more. I'm thinking allright! this crowd gets some freebies and they all seem to love it, but I'm learning probably why they deserve discounts and need them. My brother has a life insurance policy that doubled, doubled in premiums for the same coverage just because he turned 55.

My hairdresser was complaining the last time I was getting a haircut how she dreaded turning 55 because her health insurance would go up. She said it has to pay more in premiums because of her age. I did not know that.

So much for discounts and freebies when insurance (health, life, and does car too?) goes up double what it was just the year before? Just because I turn 55 doesn't mean I automatically get sick. I know, I know, it's not unlike targeting the younger drivers, but with changing longevity, perhaps the amounts should not be increased arbitrarily. Then again, maybe they should. I find myself having to look up the spelling for more words than I used to, such as arbitrarily.

The thing is those 5% off and small time freebies don't make up the difference for a double jump in the necessities of life. Guess I best start coupon clipping early.

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