Thursday, September 15, 2011


Essential Documents to Store in One File Cabinet

Working from a list that appeared in a Saturday, July 2, 2011, Wall Street Journal article, here are essential personal and financial documents that should be readily accessible by you or your heirs in an eldercare situation. Your personal
circumstances might not require having every item listed here, but the categories reflect the range of issues relevant to caring for an aging parent. Consolidating and organizing this information is not only a great benefit to you while you’re
living, it is also invaluable for your heirs.

By the way:
While having original documents and physical copies collected in one file cabinet
is a fundamental of good financial organization, maintaining an electronic backup
file, such as the online data storage programs offered by many financial institutions, is a superb secondary location for the same documents. Check with one of your financial professionals to see if they offer this service.

Marriage and Divorce:
Marriage license(s)
Divorce papers

Health Care History and Instructions:
Personal and family medical histories
Durable health-care power of attorney
Authorization to release health-care information
Living Will
Do-not-resuscitate instructions

Proof of ownership:
Housing, land and cemetery deeds
Escrow mortgage accounts
Proof of loans made and debts owed
Vehicle titles
Stock certificates, savings bonds & brokerage accounts
Partnership and corporate operating agreements
Tax returns

Life insurance and retirement:
Life insurance policies
Individual retirement accounts
401(k) accounts
Pension documents
Annuity contracts
Bank Accounts:
List of bank accounts
List of all user names and passwords
List of safe-deposit boxes
The Essentials:
Letters of instruction
Trust documents


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