Friday, February 17, 2012

Older and Wiser

With age comes wisdom, or so it's been said. I'm not sure that's so true. While any of us can have a fall, break a bone at any time, as we get older, we become more frail and with that frailty, anything can happen.

As our bodies change and we notice these changes, we should start planning how we wish to live as we become incapacitated. Sure, we all want to age in place, and we may be able to do so if, yes if, we take the steps, make necessary alterations in our homes or perhaps even move to someplace better suited to our needs.

I am endlessly told by seniors that they do not want to be burdens to their children, but more often, it's because we don't want to make changes to our lifestyles. Those changes are going to happen whether we like it or not, so why not control some of it by choosing how/where we want to live. Plus, I know from personal experience that when parents and children live cities and states away, it is far more burdensome for the children with concern for the parent and the frequent trips for checking on them, often times because of medical necessities.

All I am trying to say is "make a plan". Not sure what your options may be? Then talk with me, a Seniors Real Estate Specialist to learn what options are available for planning for your extended living situation. We'll discuss your wishes with your family. I'll provide professionals who can answer questions on tax or legal issues to help sort through potential ramifications of your wishes. It's not always about selling one's home, but knowing what can be done at the onset is much better than waiting until one is past a point of being able to choose and having the "state" or someone else make choices for you.

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