Friday, January 16, 2009

Are You In?

The web has changed our world. While I'm still adjusting to websites, even taking a recent on line class to creat web pages-what fun, I'm still quite the novice at all this electronic gadgetry overtaking our world. I've never been one to "chat" on line with friends, but feel the necessity for business and for staying on top of some of this that I be in on some of the social networks. Plus, since over 80% of people check properties on line before ever calling a Realtor, a web presence for real estate is a necessity.

Are you 'linked in'? How about a presence on facebook, or twitter, or activerain? I heard of something new the other day, haven't checked it yet, called 'stumbled upon'

While you don't have to be IN, it's to our advantage to at least be a little versed with the web. I understand that Costco and was it Walmart? when they opened on Mahan were only taking applications on line. Now AARP is going to on line registration and soon payment for their Safe Driving Classes.

No, most of us don't like change, but learning is good and can be very fun. Stay young, stay in touch, learn something new and get in the 21st century-get IN on some of the social networks or at least learn something about the web.

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