Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Call me by my name

I attended a presentation a few months ago on marketing to the older population. The speaker talked about, among other things, that this population likes to be treated like adults, not singled out for being senior, or the associated jokes that go with the population, like geezer, ancient, and other ageism related terms.

The speaker got me to thinking how I have frequently called other women "Miss Mary, or Miss Jane". What I have always considered a term of respect, and cannot recall having been corrected, and did not do this with all older women, I now can see how it would be considered offensive. I have since stopped doing it period!

I especially recognize it as offensive because I am being called "Miss Angie". Again I know it to be a term for respect and have yet to correct anyone, in fact having been called "Miss Angie" by most individuals I know to be even older than myself. The thing is, it has always been an older adult that I referred to such and having recognized that, being called "Miss Angie" makes me think one looks at me as older.

Since I certainly feel I now relate to this on a more personal level, it is much easier for me to not have to think about not saying "Miss" so and so. It is no longer part of my vocabulary. I've never been one to call an older gentleman "Mr. Bob or Mr. Tom" instead referring to their first name or Mr. with their last name.

Anyway, when you talk to me, I like to be called Angie, not Mrs. Goodman, or Miss Goodman. Just call me Angie.

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