Thursday, June 26, 2008

Senior/assisted living housing market

Some of our area senior housing apartments and assisted living are seeing a slow down in occupancy. They tell me 40-50% of their residents come from out of town seniors moving to the area to be closer to family.
Listening to a new director recently, she was asking me how to get more seniors into her complex. I told her the seniors weren't coming because they couldn't sell their homes where they are to be able to move to our area.
No sooner did I convey this information to a couple of marketing personnel with assisted living facilitiles than the speaker at the luncheon we were attending (happened to be Florida's CFO Alex Sink) said the very same thing.
Okay, it just makes sense that this is the case, but it's nice to have those higher up the ladder (as in this case the State ladder) say the very same thing.
The housing market affects everyone, from those first time homebuyers, move up buyers to seniors wanting to shed themselves of their homes and or responsibilities.

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