Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Hurricane Season

It's time again to enjoy the summer and watch the weather reports for storm activity. Florida was spared 2007 and hopefully 2008 will be the same, with just maybe a little more rain! Here's some tips on preparing for the upcoming hurricane season.

Water: At least 1 gallon per person daily. Stock enough for at least seven days.
Food: Include nonperishable items. Stock enough for at least seven days.
Food preparatory items: A nonelectric can opener, cooking tools and fuel.
Bedding, seasonal clothing and rain gear, and toiletries: Include basic hygiene products, toilet paper and moisture wipes.
Medical supplies: Include a first aid kit and prescription drugs.
Special items needed to care for infants, the elderly or pets.
Flashlights, batteries and a battery-operated radio or television.
Cash: Banks and ATMs may not be open or available for extended periods, so make sure you have sufficient funds at your immediate disposal.
Toys, books and games: You will need to be prepared to keep your children and yourself occupied for an extended period.
Important documents: Include insurance papers, medical records, bank account numbers, birth certificates, Social Security card, etc. Be sure to keep these in a waterproof container.
Sources: American Red Cross, www.StormTips.com

Stay safe this season.

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