Friday, June 20, 2008

Real estate value

With rising gas prices, the higher cost of food, looming increases for taxes, insurance and more, finding value in our transactions and interactions with businesses, professionals and vendors makes good sense.
Using a Realtor is a great way of generating value for your time and money. An experienced Realtor will be able to help a buyer with assistance in finding a lender they can trust, a reputable inspector for that potential new home and look out for your primary concerns. I can't say for all cities, but here in Tallahassee, Realtors access to the Multiple Listing System allows us to send automatic notifications of properties of potential interest to buyers based on the criteria the buyer is looking for, such as bedrooms, baths, square footage, quadrant of the county and more. This alone is a value for the buyer, giving the opportunity to view homes from the internet instead of driving (and wasting gas and $$) to help determine if a house is one they want to see.

From a seller's viewpoint of value, especially in today's market, find out what the Realtor plans to do to sell your home. Over three quarters of buyers are looking on the internet first for a home and then calling a Realtor. A large web presence is essential to getting exposure to buyers. Marketing entails even more so ask what the Realtor plans to do to market your home.
Once a buyer is found for the home, there's much more work (much that goes on behind the scenes) that buyers and sellers are unaware that Realtors are ensuring are taking place to get a sale to closing. From contacting vendors for repair work to talking with lenders and title companies, and often times even more such as coordinating with movers, inspectors, appraisers to ensure everything that needs to happen does, in time for a smooth closing.

Using a Realtor, one of the best values around today!

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