Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Westcott Lakes at Southwood

I lunched today with some of the folks selling the Life Fulfilling Community at Westcott Lakes at Southwood here in Tallahassee, FL. Westcott Lakes offers mature adults, those 62 and over, upscale living with impressive amenitites and a service-oriented "mindset". It is a community sponsored by and fully integrated with Florida State University through affiliations that provide numerous intellectual, recreational and cultural opportunities. It's not a community for the weak of pocketbook though. It's a retirement (they don't like to refer to it by this name), it's a lifestyle community that caters to the affluent. Construction hasn't begun yet as they must have 70% fill committment before the State of Florida will allow construction. It will be located on 100 acres at Capital Circle S.E. and Tram Road.
So if you know any mature individuals looking for a lifestyle that offers the opportunity for truly keeping active in every sense of the word, intellectually, physically, socially, then call me. I'll get the information they need about Westcott Lakes.

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Thomas Riggins said...

Well, just how affluent do you have to be?